Summer Solstice Live Set — via Digital Sessions by Alternative • Culture

For this year’s Summer Solstice Live Set, Zammorian keep to their bi-annual tradition of celebrating the solstices by taking part in the 11th Digital Session by Alternative Culture. Streamed live on Facebook & YouTube. June 21st, starting at 20.00 UTC+2.

Before our live set, Alin Halațiu (Help Me Be A Rockstar) Ruxandra Mateescu (Supereroi printre noi) and Lavinia Chițu (ChituLavinia) will hold a creative talk about the challenges and spirit of the projects they are leading: „Nu Stau Acasă” (Ro. for “I’m not staying home” — concerts designed to be inclusive, accessible and adapted to people with disabilities), „Atitudinea Contează” (Ro. for “Attitude Matters” — guides for making concerts and festivals better designed for people with disabilities).

The event will be hosted at Zazen/Kraftmark’s Bucharest studio.

Bellow: a few shots by the ever awesome Miluță Flueraș from the rehearsals.

The show will feature new live projections by Awkwarizmi.
Sound engineer: Danmade.

A Threshold Gathering by Zazen/Kraftmark.

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