Experiments in Synchronicity — Chapter I

What is Synchronicity?

The following is an experiment. All the footage shown is uncut, exactly as someone else designed it. Our music and their films are independent from one another. However, together they find moments of sync and the result is a different story and mood altogether.

Every Wednesday, Zammorian will release one such experiment.

Chapter I. Episode 1.

Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Grosstadt (1927) shows us one day in Berlin, the rhythm of that time, starting at the earliest morning and ends in the deepest night. The footage is Public Domain.

Precession is the final piece on The Theory of Absence [Pt. I], a conclusion to the two sets that make up the rest of the album, a finality to a never-ending cycle that shifts ever so slightly with each iteration. You can listen to this piece and the rest of the album here:





How are we to recognize acausal combinations of events, since it is obviously impossible to examine all chance happenings for their causality? The answer to this is that acausal events may be expected most readily where, on closer reflection, a causal connection appears to be inconceivable.

— Carl Jung


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