Talking with Andrei from the Pe Lângă Subiect [ro] Podcast

Andrei over at Pe Lângă Subiect invited us for a chat on his podcast [in Romanian]. We met up right after our Winter Solstice live streaming at the Z/K Studio and talked about our music, stories, films, how it all came to be and some really spicy stuff. Literally, it’s about a very hot sauce.

The clip is below but also be sure to check out his channel and hit subscribe if you fancy it. They have some pretty cool stuff over there and we’re very happy to be part of such a series. Thank you, Andrei!

First part is our Winter Solstice live streaming (we played Descending and Their Rituals), as filmed by him and then we go on to the talking part (around the 14:30 mark). Enjoy!