“Shapes” — a New Visual Telling of the Music that Concludes the “Batbayar” set

“In days upon days of solitude, the drought of the mouth became an emptiness of the heart, leaving space for something else within him. Batbayar abandoned all thoughts and, in the vastness of the plateau, with his eyes lit but by the light of the red star, he received a gift long sought after. A gift that would later help him uncover the greatest secret of this World.”

Shapes is the concluding piece of the Batbayar set off The Theory of Absence [Pt. I]. The story tells of a young man that has to undergo a coming-of-age trial. This rite of passage requires him to travel the vast wastelands of the planet Wolf and, in that solitude, discover the language that’s hidden in the stars. Only by deciphering this code can he map his way back home. However, after many a days, with barely any life left in him, a secret is revealed to him, leading Batbayar to possessing much more than a map home, but one to a new future for humanity.

Music © 2018 Zammorian. http://www.zammorian.com

Produced and released by Zazen/Kraftmark:
Filming by Klaus-to-Phobia
Visuals by Awkwarizmi
Editing by Rite & Kraftmark.