The Official Launch of the Theory of Absence [Pt. I] LP

The Theory of Absence [Pt. I] is the first half of a double concept album that illustrates chapters from the Zammorian narrative universe. The stories are centuries apart and they tell of moments in the lives of characters whom, unknowingly, fundamentally impact the evolution of the human species, revealing, in their journeys, clues to its place in the bigger picture.

The music itself was composed mainly in 2015 and the record has been independently produced at the Z/K studio where Zammorian resides.

The second part of this concept album will be released within the next 12 months. More details tba.

The Show

“[…] almost “two hours of sound delightness”, a post- psychedelic trip to the unknown.”



Their music is at psychedelic / stoner rock trip that threads through a field of post rock poppies. The airy melodies combined with some dynamic drum beats and elongated phrases of guitars and bass has the capability of engaging quite well with the audience while the occasional tremolo pickings will keep you glued to your seat throughout the runtime. What we really like about this album is that the band doesn’t try too hard with thicker riffs, especially in the heavier sections and achieve the desired result by light touches and more intricate structures, thereby amalgamating the subtleness of psychedelic rock with ethereal soundscapes acquired from the post-rock arsenal. This is a must listen for anyone who is looking for something interesting and fresh sounding!

— Wherepostrockdwells

Photography below by Valentin Dieratte & Horia Cucută


You can stream & purchase the full album here

The Packaging

The album has a limited edition special packaging designed by Kraftmark & Rite that will be available for purchase soon. See some photos below.

Music, story, concepts & designs © 2019 Zammorian.
Produced and released by Zazen/Kraftmark.