We are Zammorian. A Bucharest-based group of six artists that create music and sound design based on stories and concepts from the narrative universe we are building. Zammorian is part of the Z/K label.


Marius Copel is a visual artist and producer with 10+ years of experience. He has worked in the fields of experimental film, documentaries, direction, screenwriting, new media, and cultural events. He is a co-Founder of Zazen/Kraftmark and Executive Producer of the Cinepolitica International Film Festival.


Klaus Constantin is a painter, sculptor and builder with many years of working in various media. He leads Knox Design, a Bucharest-based interior design studio.


Ioan Gherasim has been active in architecture and interior design for the past 7+ years. He is a talented and accomplished illustrator and musician, with proficiency in multiple instruments and composition. A quiet and private persona and a rare breed of thinker.


Vlad Osiac is an architect, artist and an experimentalist of visuals and music. He is an explorer and thinker of ideas, currently residing in Bucharest, where he works on interior and product designs, as well as collaborates with several media labs and art collectives, such as Modulab and Zazen/Kraftmark. Founder & Principal at RITE Design.


Tudor Pătrașcu is an Architecture & Restoration graduate that has moved from the field to pursue game design – an area where he can experiment with the full spectrum of the relationship between concept, storytelling and implementation, merging creative endeavors with a highly analytical approach.


Mihai Velcescu is a highly driven designer and creator. With a varied background that ranges from architecture to language, and with 12+ years of experience in graphic design, he has managed to create various platforms that bring together a wide array of artists to create together. Founder of Kraftmark and co-Founder of Zazen/Kraftmark.

Copyright MMXVII Zammorian. Part of Zazen/Kraftmark